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Landex Green Env. Solutions, is involved in Environment friendly Projects such as Green Mat Solutions, Waste water treatment solutions and renewable energy projects, Green Mat Solutions, a unique concept of growing plants on a specially designed & manufacture soil mats that can sustain green vegetation even in desert conditions. These solutions have been provided to DEWA (Dubai Electricity Water and Authority) and other various UAE Government buildings,commercial & industrial establishment and large number of residential villas.Landex understands the importance of conserving water by all means especially in the desert region. Green Water projects such as Grey water Treatment and use of treated water for irrigations and gardening has been implemented by Landex in the Dubai region.
We provide Integrated Home Automation Solutions where in efficient use of electrical energy is the main purpose. Home appliances such as Air Conditioners, Security Systems, Lighting, Water pumps and Water Heater usage are monitored and their operations are controlled either locally or inremote position through mobile phones.
Our vision is to fully utilize the platform of technology and its ever improvising developments to provide each one of you'll the advantages of ‘clean and green’ energy at an affordable cost. Not only ‘Green Energy’ but also a ‘Green Environment'. Today we stand at cross roads due to climate change and global warming,and we have  no option but to access cleaner sources of sustainable power like solar, wind,hydro and biomass, in order to achieve independence from infinite energy sources. We here at Landex are committed to a concerted effort in reversing damage that has already incurred on mother earth. We offers  you a complete & customized green energy initiative to cater to your specific needs.

  - Solar PV Application for Homes, Offices & Industries
  - Off Grid and Grid Tied Solutions for Urban & Rural Areas
  - Hybrids of Wind, Solar, Biogas Based on your geography and its co-ordinates
  - Solar Power Stations (Large Scale)
  - Solar Water Pumps for Agriculture
  - Solar Street / Garden Lighting
  - LED Flood Lights
  - Measuring & Reducing Carbon Footprints
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We are introducing new cost effective technology for small scale grey water treatment system called Green Water System.This is a system of recycling the gray water by using advanced membrane technology and reusing it for the irrigation purpose. gray water is collected by using separate drainage pipelines and collected in a collection tank, then Re-cycled and used for the agricultural purposes, flushing the toilets etc. It is very ideal to use this system in independent villas, residential complexes, Mosques, Schools and shopping complexes.
We also provide support services like O&M contracts, AMC Contracts, Trouble Shooting, process survey, plant modifications and revamping of water & waste water treatment plants. GREEN WATER is a solution provider to water and waste water treatment segment in the concept of  "GREEN WATER FOR GREENTOMORROW" and from the initiative  ‘RECYCLE & TREAT THE WATER WITH RIGHT SOLUTIONS AND MAKE THE ENVIRONMENTGREEN’
Green Water Solutions & Services
||| Water Treatment Solutions    
a)  Brackish and seawater reverse osmosis plants     
b)  Demineralization, infiltration & softener systems

||| Waste Water Treatment Solutions    
a)  Package sewage treatment systems in MBR, FAST, SBR, MBBR, SAFF & extended aeration.    
b)  Grey water treatment systems capacities applicable from villas to big municipal or private Installations.    
c)  Vehicle wash water recycle plants     
d)  TSE polishing plant suitable for cooling tower make up water.     
e)  Sludge de-watering units (Filter Press, Sludge Decanter…etc)

||| Annual operation and maintenance contracts & trouble shooting for water & waste water treatment plants.
||| Environmental consultant & studies
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The Green AC Saver

- Is the intelligent control unit that adds intelligence to simple air   conditioning systems and improves their energy efficiency.
- Achieves on average 20% energy savings (often more, depending  on local conditions) resulting in a short payback period.
- Is 100% engineered & manufactured in Germany to highest quality 
standards for best performance and reliability.
The Green AIR System

This is an air purifying system from all foul smell and fungus.
The direct application of this system is in wash rooms, AC ducting, food processing locations etc.
Green Air system is designed to use in residential buildings as well as for commercial outlets.


Sustainable Landscaping :
> Plantation of maximum native / environmentally adaptable plants and trees
> Less water consuming plants, shrubs and trees
> Encourage the clients to use more of recycled waste water for irrigation
Green Roofing :
> Energy Savings for the hot climate.
> Add more living space for the building and increase the aesthetic value of the property.
Organic Planting:
> Promotion of the planting of organic vegetable and fruits.
> Innovative small system for planting vegetable even in the apartment balconies Landscape Designing:
> Application of more people friendly designs in the landscaping.
> Services of experienced architects, landscape engineers and designers are used to provide sustainable landscape, roof and the Green Wall design to the clients.
Green Mat 100% natural. Due to its light weight, Green Mat does not cause any harm or affect the various building elements, such as building roofs, pillars and building foundations as compared with other conventional planting methods on rooftops that require large volume of soil.Economically speaking, Green Mat greatly contributes in reducing the amount of cement and fortification iron used in ceilings and pillars alike and that's mainly due to it light weight that doesn't create pressure from the building roof to the foundations through pillars.“Green Mat”, a perfect solution for greening any terrain, Green Building and Green Roofing which is approved by Dubai Municipality, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority and Ministry of Environment & Water.
The applications of Green Mat are as follows:
Green Roofing (Roof top Gardens)
> Sustainable landscaping with saving of irrigation water
> Farm house development with saving of irrigation water
> Organic vegetable plantation

Intensive, Semi Intensive and Extensive Green Roofs
By using the different layers with the growing media in between, Green Mat can be used for Intensive and semi intensive roof garden also.The number layers will be decided based on the size and the variety of plants, shrubs and trees.
Benefits of Green Roof
>Green Roofing protects buildings from extreme solar radiation, regulate the internal  building temperature and decrease the energy required   to cool the building.
> Green Roofs help protect roofing membrane from extreme temperature fluctuations, and reduce the negative impact of ultraviolet radiation.
> Green Roofs can be used as a sound barrier for building
> Increased outdoor space or gathering area with fresh air
Green roofs increase the aesthetic value of the property
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Is a wall partially or completely planted with vegetation on a vertical surface which consists of various types of growing media and irrigation system.Based on the size and location, the selection of the growing media and the selection of plants differ. The irrigation system is also combined with a fertigation unit so that the required minerals for the survival of the plants will be supplied along with the irrigation water in slow dose.
Our Green Wall Features :

> Hands on experience in UAE .

> Ideal for indoor and outdoor.
> Very Sleek, thus do not make much projection from the wall and waste the space.
> Varieties of plants ideal for Green Wall specially grown in the Landex Nursery compactable to any size and design.
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Landex Technologies LLC is one of the most reliable system integrator & electronic security companies in the United Arab Emirates.
Our company established in 2009 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as member & technology partner of Landex Group of Companies. We provide complete solution of security and automation solutions for residential and commercial applications. from intrusion, fire and home automation systems, to the latest in IP video and access control, security management systems, professional audio/video systems, wire & wireless networking & telecommunication systems, we are focused on innovative technologies that create “Smart Green Homes & Green Buildings”, Security Systems with state-of-the-art IP-solutions.Landex Technologies uses the top manufacturers in the industry for quality,reliable security and home automation systems. From a basic security system to a fully automated your home or building, we can provide you with the peace of mind a security and energy management solution can provide.

Committed to Quality and Customer Satisfaction
It is our goal to gain an understanding of what our client's goals are and provide the best value in parts and services to fit their needs. Even if client is not up-to-date on the latest technologies we try get a feel of what that customer might be looking for without overwhelming them with technical specifications and terms, while at the same time not over-selling them things they don't need.
We have a well experienced and trained technical team including Engineers and technicians, who are experts in troubleshooting and after sale servicing. Our system solutions for residential & commercial application include:
> Monitored burglar, fire and carbon monoxide alarms
> Video surveillance & VMS systems & Video Door Phone
> Access Control Systems & Door Lock Management
> Mobile solutions

> Personal emergency response
> Energy management & Lighting Control
>Environmental hazard monitoring
>Home & Office Automation solution
>Managed Network Services
>Tailored Security Solutions
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The aim of Landex Electromechanical area is to provide quality services and consultancy to clients to deliver efficient, safe and purpose specific electro mechanical  & general maintenance services.We are able to provide accredited Project Management expertise and,through affiliation of its Design House and alliance companies ’Under groundand Overhead Reticulation areas, a “one stop shop” offering both Electro mechanical design and General Maintenance services.
We offers accredited, professional electro mechanical design services in theareas of: Residential, commercial and industrial estates, including PublicLighting Installations, Electrical Distribution and Sub Transmission Networks,Commercial and industrial installations. The aim of the company is to provide quality services and consultancy to clients to deliver efficient, safe and purpose specific electro mechanical designs.
We are providing full range of services:
> Air-Conditioning, Ventilations &Air Filtration Systems
> Installation & Maintenance
> Electromechanical Equipment Installation & Maintenance
> Satellite Receiving Equipment Installation & Maintenance
> Plumbing & Sanitary Contracting
> Floor & Wall Tiling Works
> Painting Contracting
> Carpentry & Flooring Contracting
> Wall Paper Fixing
> Partitions & False Ceilings Contracting
Landex Genreral Trading L.L.C. was established in 2004 as General Trading with one goal in mind " Deliver high quality & environmental friendly" products and service to the  Middle East Market.
Landex General Trading is part of Landex Group of Companies with varied business activity and involved in supply & support to both private and public sectors.
Landex General Trading LLC a successful trading house with extensive experience acquired over the years is supplemented by reliable supply sources and trustworthy customer base to meet the challenge of the current business contests.Our main business scope covers all kinds of building materials including interior design equipments, electrical, computer hardware, sanitary ware, etc.We have strong support of our supplier and manufacturers from US. & Europe ,who give us access to the wealth of knowledge and products. Our mission is to deliver "Best Value" to the customers by providing top quality products, services and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times by clearly understanding  their needs and exceeding their expectations.We guarantee quality products and provide the best support available in the market.
Landex Real Estate LLC, is one of leading real estate company in UAE and offers our valued clients the complete spectrum of well-designed real estate management service.

Right from your first vision of owning, selling or leasing a property in Dubai,Landex estate shows up time and again to be the best option. Whether youare an investor or an end user, we at Landex estate provide you with a huge fresh exclusive property choice that meets your every preference, either directly from the developers or from resellers. Our vast property selections offer single units, apartments, villas, retail spaces,commercial ofifces, townhouses, holiday homes and towers, Warehouses,Staff Accommodations, as well as tailored opportunities.

One of the leading real estate management agency in UAE since 1999, that is EJARI regulated and certiifed by RERA, we are proven to be one of a kind and to be considered as your personalized real estate broker. We, at Landex Real Estate, believe that client’s satisfaction is a continuousstream to be nurtured.
Landex Business Services is one of the leading business service-based firms in Dubai, U.A.E. that provides professional Business services for all types of businesses in UAE and international organizations.
We offers wide range of solutions related to business setup and operations support for small,to large sized businesses or new ventures in the country.

We offers variety of services that match your business needs and requirements, from the business setup consultancy to appointing highly qualified sponsor/local agent, providing serviced offices and a wide range of supporting services offered to you.

Landex Business Services provide the whole spectrum of PRO and government services, such as Business Setup & Company Formation,Business Partnership & Consultancy, Local Sponsorships & Local Agents,Document Clearing (PRO services), typing Services, serviced ofifce ....

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